The Allen Imagery Design Group (TheAIDG) has teams of designers located in the Midwest (with clients all across the United States).

Branding + Graphic Design + ILLustration + Photography + Web Design + Innovation

Originally founded in 2003, we specialized in photographic services. By then, our President/Creative Director already had 14 years behind a camera doing artistic freelance photography. His experience included 8 years of in studio high school senior portraits, model portfolios, wedding and candid event photography.

In 2006, our company added a print/web design division, which soon became our primary workload..

In 2010, our company expanded once again into the world of corporate branding. We had always offered brand consultations through our graphic design services, but this allowed us to take our abilities one step further and really assist in the development of businesses that were just starting out, or starting over. TheAIDG understands brand building as well as how it relates to marketing and getting messages out through social media channels, and now we are able to share these findings with our clients.

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email: TheAIDG@gmail.com

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Dear Skechers, 

I don’t approve of your blatant thievery of the entire model of the TOMS brand. Really? BOBS? Is it possible that you could have even ATTEMPTED to create a shoe that at least LOOKED different? uhhm no. Guess not. Even the LOGO looks like TOMS. And for that reason, no one will take you OR your “cause” seriously.. YOU. LOSE.

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  2. byronelliott said: HERE HERE! I saw that and I was like woooooooow! The african kids that they will give a pair to will be like , ” these ain’t TOM’s?! You can keep that s*%t homie, I’ve goin’ bare foot this long” LOL!
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